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Brewing Success: How Driftaway Coffee Achieved 10x Growth & Efficiency with Oversee

Brewing Success: How Driftaway Coffee Achieved 10x Growth & Efficiency with Oversee

Driftaway Coffee, a brand known for its dedication to quality and ethical sourcing, faced common challenges in expanding its wholesale operations. The traditional process of identifying and connecting with independent retailers and corporate clients was cumbersome and inefficient. This case study explores how Driftaway Coffee leveraged Oversee to transform its outreach efforts, highlighting the platform’s impact on efficiency, lead generation, and overall sales strategy.

Challenges in Wholesale Outreach

Before Oversee, Driftaway Coffee’s approach to finding and connecting with potential wholesale partners involved manually scraping data from store locators and relying on shared lead lists from industry contacts. The outreach process was overwhelmingly manual, requiring significant time and effort to manage and execute.

The primary challenges faced included:

  • Labor-intensive lead identification and data management.
  • Inefficient outreach resulting in diminished productivity.
  • High levels of fatigue leading to diversion towards other tasks.
“Net net, productivity was a lot lower, up to 5 minutes per lead at the minimum” — Suyog Mody

Implementing Oversee: A Turnaround in Efficiency

Integration of Oversee into Driftaway Coffee’s operations marked a pivotal shift towards efficiency. Transitioning 90% of outreach to Oversee allowed the team to utilize advanced search capabilities, email template management, and automated follow-up sequences. This streamlined approach reduced setup times for outreach campaigns and enabled a scalable system for managing leads.

“Over the past few months, we’ve switched about 90% of our outreach to Oversee. It takes about 30 minutes to an hour depending on targeting to setup outreach tests or campaigns for 200 to 300 stores.”  Suyog Mody

Key benefits of using Oversee included:

  • Drastically reduced time on outreach setup.
  • Increased capacity for lead messaging using templates and sequences.
  • Improved targeting leading to higher response rates.

Impactful Results: Enhancing Lead Generation and Sales

Since integrating Oversee, Driftaway Coffee witnessed significant growth in its wholesale accounts, increasing from 5–10 accounts to 50 retailers in just five months. The platform’s efficiency and systematic outreach contributed to higher engagement rates and a marked improvement in team efficiency.

Business Won

“Started with 5 to 10 wholesale accounts in October 2023. Now in March 2024, we’re at 50 retailers. Over 150 samples sent from Oversee outreach, and response rates are consistently 5–12%.” — Suyog Mody

Efficiency gained

Efficiency is through the roof — anywhere from 5x to 10x better. This has allowed us to test various approaches in our process that would otherwise take a team of 3 to 5 people, or over a year of my time. — Suyog Mody

User Experience: Positive Feedback and Future Prospects

Driftaway Coffee’s satisfaction with Oversee extended beyond the tangible outcomes. The platform’s intuitive search and filtering capabilities, combined with the quality of the data pool, significantly enhanced the lead generation process. The company is optimistic about further integrating Oversee into their sales strategy and onboarding additional team members.

“New search is great — honestly its not search. It feels and functions like filtering to your subset of data which is a huge difference. — Suyog Mody

Conclusion: Oversee’s Role in Streamlining Wholesale Outreach

Driftaway Coffee’s experience underscores the transformative potential of Oversee for businesses looking to enhance their wholesale outreach efforts. The shift from manual processes to automated efficiency not only optimized lead generation and outreach but also allowed Driftaway Coffee to refine its sales strategy and expand its wholesale network significantly.

“I would 100% recommend Oversee to any CPG brands who have 5 to a few hundred wholesale accounts, and are either trying to find or reach an audience for their product — Suyog Mody

This case study highlights the benefits of adopting innovative solutions like Oversee in the dynamic and competitive world of retail connections.

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