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Boosting Faire Direct and Organic Sales with Oversee: A Success Story from It's Cactus

Boosting Faire Direct and Organic Sales with Oversee: A Success Story from It's Cactus

It’s Cactus / Haiti Fair Trade is a brand that prides itself on fighting poverty through art. Owner and founder, Casey Riddell, began her journey in Carmel, CA, 23 years ago selling Fair-Trade Haitian Metal Art & Latin American Folk Art. She owned a retail shop that specialized in Folk Art from Latin American countries. As the years went by, Casey developed a deep love and passion for Haitian Metal Art. This newfound passion inspired her to work with metal art full-time, leading her to transition into the wholesale market. But like many brands, Haiti Fair Trade faced the challenges of the traditional wholesale approach until they discovered Oversee.

The Traditional Wholesale Challenge

“We did all the major trade shows twice a year. The expenses from travel, booth costs, hotel, food, and a sales team were a lot to recoup. Then, the aftermath of these shows often meant returning to a backlog of orders that needed to be fulfilled ASAP, leading to inventory challenges,” Casey shared.

The Oversee Attraction

As Haiti Fair Trade transitioned to online wholesale platforms like Shopify and Faire, the challenge shifted from managing trade show expenses to finding new customers. That’s when Oversee caught Casey’s attention. Instead of spending countless hours on Google searches, Oversee promised a more efficient way to discover new store leads.

“When I decided to move away from trade shows and focus on Faire and our own wholesale websites, the challenge was finding new customers. Oversee seemed like the answer I had been searching for. Before Oversee, I’d spend hours on the internet, trying to find leads,” Casey explained.

Onboarding with Oversee

Transitioning to Oversee was a seamless experience for Haiti Fair Trade. The platform’s intuitive design and features made it easy for the brand to integrate and start benefiting immediately.

“Getting started with Oversee was incredibly smooth. The platform was intuitive, and within no time, we were already reaping its benefits. Oversee’s ability to quickly find categories of new shops was a game-changer for us,” Casey recounted.

Key Results & Benefits

The tangible outcomes of Haiti Fair Trade using Oversee are impressive:

Impressive Sales: In only their first month of using Oversee, Haiti Fair Trade generated over $10k in new sales from leads found on Oversee. During the Faire summer market, they achieved an astounding $17k in sales within just four days. Over 85% of these sales came from leads discovered through Oversee, ensuring higher profit margins by avoiding Faire commissions.

Trade Show Independence: With the efficiency and reach of Oversee, Haiti Fair Trade no longer relies on participation at expensive trade shows to find new customers.

Boost in Organic Sales: By emailing leads from Oversee with a Faire Direct link, Haiti Fair Trade observed that clicks on the link improved their Faire algorithm ranking, leading to spikes in organic Faire sales on those days.

“In just a short span of using Oversee, our approach to wholesale was completely transformed. Not only did we see a significant increase in our sales, but the efficiency of the platform also allowed us to focus on other core aspects of our business,” Casey shared.

Looking Ahead

The journey with Oversee has been transformative for Haiti Fair Trade. As the platform continues to evolve and introduce new features, the small business is optimistic about the future.

“We’ve achieved significant success with Oversee in such a short time, and it’s paid for itself many times over. The platform has revolutionized our approach to wholesale, and we’re excited about the future possibilities with Oversee,” Casey concluded.

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