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May Product Updates

Learn what’s new in our May 2024 Product Update at Oversee!

May Product Updates

As we wrap up another month, we’re delighted to share the latest enhancements and features that were rolled out in May. These updates are crafted to improve your day-to-day activities and expand your capabilities within Oversee. Let's dive in!

Send & Track Samples


We introduced the ability to send product samples directly from the Prospects page. This new functionality, integrated natively with Shopify, allows you to dispatch samples in just two clicks and automatically tracks them in your activity timeline, simplifying sample management like never before.

Wholesale Interest Form

This month, we launched the Wholesale Interest Form. You can now create this form, sync it with the Prospects page, and embed it on your e-commerce site. Whenever someone submits a wholesale inquiry, you’ll receive an email notification, ensuring you capture every potential lead.

AI Email Coach

Our AI Email Coach on the Leads page now provides scores and suggestions to help you refine your cold email copy. This feature focuses on reducing overly salesy language and optimizing key phrases, enabling you to craft more effective communications.

Leads Analytics


We enhanced our Leads Analytics, allowing you to review your lead campaign statistics over any specified timeframe. This update includes the ability to see breakdowns per campaign and per assignee, and you can now export these stats to share with your team.

Automatic Tasks & Prospect Value

Improvements were made to the Prospects page, including automatic task addition whenever a prospect is moved to a new stage. We also introduced default prospect values and displayed the sum per pipeline stage, providing a clear view of your pipeline’s potential value at a glance.

AI Sentiment Analysis Tags

Our AI Sentiment Analysis was enhanced to better assess the interest levels in replies from new prospects. This update helps you prioritize your follow-ups more effectively by displaying interest levels directly in your Prospects pipeline.

Lookalike Search Improvements

We’ve increased the flexibility of our Lookalike Search feature. You can now input any website, allowing you to identify and target new prospects that resemble your best existing customers, maximizing your outreach potential.

We hope these updates from May will prove to be valuable in managing your engagements and expanding your reach. As always, we are keen to hear your feedback on these new tools and how they are helping you achieve your goals.

For any questions about these features or for further assistance, please visit our Help Center or contact our support team directly.

Thank you for your continued partnership with Oversee. We look forward to supporting your success as we move forward together.

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